Southern Oaks Ranch

Southern Oaks  Ranch
Home of Rowdy Blue Hayes
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The Best of the West in the Deep South!
American Quarter Horses descending from Blue Valentine
We are raising Blue Valentine, Hancock, and Hancock-cross foundation bred quarter horses.  Horses that are "user friendly" with great dispositions.

Southern Oaks Ranch is home to Rowdy Blue Hayes, a 2008 son of Leo Hancock Hayes and grandson of Blue Valentine.  Each year we breed him to our handpicked Hancock and performance bred foundation mares.  

All of our babies are handled on a regular basis.  We feel that the hands on approach produces a more people-friendly horse, a horse that is eager to please and in turn is easy to train.  That is why we are sold on the Hancock horses.  They not only have the bone and muscle needed for stamina but they have the willingness and ability to get the job done.  That is why Hancock horses are such great performance horses and have proved it over the years.  Blue Valentine, grandson of Joe Hancock, was an excellent steer tripping and roping horse.  He is the sire of many world class rodeo and working horses.  Traits that still make his bloodlines so popular today.

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